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Based on the assignment “Living Newspaper”

Not only did I get to enjoy a beautiful sunny day outside, I was also very glad that I got to work with my classmates and discover new perspectives from all of them. I also learned to see all sides of a problem that’s currently very controversial. We wrote our script about an article called “Fat Talk”  to acknowledge how damaging it is to the receiver. Our goal was to stop this “Phat Talk” from the source.

I had my own idea in the matter. To me, “Phat Talk” is just words, and we can take it how we want. If we decide to let it hurt us, then it’s the end for us. We are human, and we get to decide what’s important to us. Everywhere you go, you will see people who say things that you disagree with about every single problem. You can’t just tell them to stop saying these things, but you can choose to not let it bother you. After all, everyone has different perspectives, ideas, and beliefs. They have the right to speak their mind, and so do you. As long as their words doesn’t stop you from doing what you love or hurt you physically in any way, I don’t see a problem with it.

I know this feeling because I was bullied when I first stepped foot in America for not knowing how to properly speak English. I went through 4 years of being constantly teased about how dumb I was. My stuff was hidden, and my cup was spat in. My clothes were torn and cut out of spite. I was constantly getting blamed for the things I didn’t do. I was excluded, and my email account was hacked by one of the bullies. My parents fully knew about the problem, however, they couldn’t do or try to do anything because they were the new kid themselves. I went through this with no help and no one to tell these bullies to stop. Through this, I learned how to speak out, how to stand up for myself, and how to ignore the white noises. In a way, it made me stronger. I stood up for myself and decided that it’s fine to have them talk about me. As long as I don’t let it bother me, I was happy. If they hated me, that was their problem. However, I made sure that they never touched my me or my stuff again. I also made sure that I spoke out and made myself clear on things that I didn’t do. In my opinion, it’s better to teach a person to stand up for themselves than to tell the world to stop bullying them. Then they can really grow as a person.

However, through this activity, I have learned that to some, it’s not as easy to ignore the power of the media. Thus, I can see from both sides of the story.



This blog was created with hope that through writing, I may find my voice. It was made so that I can develop awareness both of myself and of my community. Through these blogs, I was able to find what I truly care about and how I might go about expressing these worries in a way that would also make others care.

What motivates me as a reader?

In this post, I reflected on how political correctness influenced the way we approach our problems. I also described my respect for those who can make satire out of depressing issues.

What pattern do I see in my writing?

In this post, I contemplate about the way that I write, and how indirect I am with the topics I truly care about.

Motivate the reader to take action.

In this post, I explained the real meaning of changing your last name upon getting married and urged women to at least think about the consequences of it.

The Wedding Cake


Flickr / Jon Collier / Wedding Cake / Taken on June 23, 2012

So you are thinking about marrying your significant other? There are many steps that follow this decision. You must make a decision about who to invite, what church to have the ceremony at, when to have the wedding, how much food to get, and whether to change your last name. Hold on a second, shouldn’t the bride always take their husband’s family name? That would be the normal thing to do, right?

If “normal” is mindlessly making a life decision purely based on traditional values that you neither know the root of or reasoning for, then you go girl, change that last name. However, if you like to think about your decisions before making them, then take a second to think about it. You might get a different idea by the end of this blog. Let me explain myself. Most people believe that sharing a last name symbolizes a romantic unification and commitment between the “two” people in a marriage. However, if you think about it, are the “two” of you the only people with the same last name? The last name that you took is actually your husband’s entire extensive family name. Therefore, it actually signifies that you are submitting yourself to your husband’s family. Not so romantic huh?

Let’s say you are less of a romantic and more of a logical individual. From that perspective, you might ask, “Isn’t changing your last name the easier choice? I mean that way everyone is happy, right?” No ma’am, that is completely wrong. When you change your last name, you have to change the name of everything that you have ever signed up for including your driver’s license, your diploma, your bank account, your home security provider, your internet provider, etc. It truly is a marathon. Plus, you will also lose your professional identity. This might harshly affect your career. However, you are a woman, you don’t need a career. Your husband will take care of you and occasionally take you out shopping for pretty dresses, isn’t that the good life?

Before taking your soul mate’s last name, think about what it really means. Does it really mean unity between two people? Or are you doing it because everyone else does it? Or because of the stigma that follows not taking the husband’s last name? Or are you doing it because of family pressure? None of that matters. This is your marriage, so think about yourself, and make your own decision.

If you were moved by my amazing blog and have decided to keep your last name upon marriage. This truly is extremely easy to do, believe me, I did it myself. When you go get your marriage license, the lady or gentleman at the counter will give you a piece of paper to fill out. At the blank space for your desired name, just write your original name. Finally, show your support to this post by taking a picture of your marriage license and post it in the comments.

Candy, Cakes, and Everything Sweet


Flickr / Moyan Brenn / Candies / October 25, 2010

“…agreeing with the idea that people should be careful to not use language or behave in a way that could offend a particular group of people.”

-Merriam-Webster’s definition of “politically correct.”

The number one thing that makes my blood boil is how important being politically correct is in both political and social life. To me, it’s just a way to avoid facing issues head on. It’s the catalyst and the foundation of so many issues in the United States. Issues such as global warming and obesity are the two biggest dependents on the need to be politically correct. For example, The Global-Warming Deception: How a Secret Elite Plans to Bankrupt America and Steal Your Freedom is a book that’s currently on sale on for the limited time price of $2.99.

This book is basically about how “The religion of eco-fundamentalism denies the existence of God and substitutes in His place the worship of the earth.” and “The coming economic collapse, hastened by global-warming laws, will lead to international chaos. A one-world government will be presented as the solution, followed by the arrival of the Antichrist.” I suggest you go to the website and read more of the publisher’s description; it’s absolutely hilarious.  Because of this, would it be impossible to discuss global warming with the Christians who believe in this book? That would be discouraging and offensive to their religious belief, right?  Thus, politically, it’s incorrect because by bringing the issue up, you “behave in a way that could offend a particular group of people.”

This is why I envy John Stewart. Not only does he express his unpopular opinions, but he does it in such a way that most people can’t disagree with him. His knack for satire and witty style could make most people explode with laughter. Even when presenting fake news, he was deemed more credible than most news channels. Thus, he was declared “the most trusted name in fake news.” In the Daily Show episode called the Burn Notice (, I am most impressed with the way he simplified everything to its core essence. His arguments were built on mountains upon mountains of concrete details and research. Most people can’t bring themselves to disagree because what he said is purely factual.

To a deeper level, I wish I could write and think the way John Stewart does. Maybe it’s because I have so much anger for these topics that I find it hard for me to channel it into writing in a funny way. It’s as if I want to tell things the way that they are instead of sugar coating it. Secretly, I want to offend people. I want to enforce change by bringing out the cold hard truth and helping people approach a harsh realization. Ironically, I don’t have the nerve for it.

Haft-baked Cake

As I read through my blogs, I couldn’t help but feel like even though I am writing, I don’t have a voice. My blogs are only a shell of the entirety of my ideas and beliefs. It’s a simplification, an inoffensive version, a slump of what I truly want to express.

Perhaps the reason that my blogs sound so half-assed is because I feel like I can’t fully express my opinion. This problem derives from the fact that most of the things I want to say can be perceived as offensive by others. Therefore, I struggle with finding a roundabout and far-fetched comparison to other issues that are more socially acceptable. Here is my first attempt to stage myself for future reprisal:

For example, when I said “Even when voicing an opinion, we can’t show opposition to any party”, I truly meant this at a personal level. Over the years of being called an odd ball, I have learned to keep my real viewpoint to myself to avoid conflicts.

This brings me to my next point.  I reach so far out of the way to make a connection between my controversial point of view and the social norm that my writing had become extremely diluted and confusing for others to follow. I need to stop self-editing and learn to be more steadfast with what I am trying to say and worry less about being politically correct.