Haft-baked Cake

As I read through my blogs, I couldn’t help but feel like even though I am writing, I don’t have a voice. My blogs are only a shell of the entirety of my ideas and beliefs. It’s a simplification, an inoffensive version, a slump of what I truly want to express.

Perhaps the reason that my blogs sound so half-assed is because I feel like I can’t fully express my opinion. This problem derives from the fact that most of the things I want to say can be perceived as offensive by others. Therefore, I struggle with finding a roundabout and far-fetched comparison to other issues that are more socially acceptable. Here is my first attempt to stage myself for future reprisal:


For example, when I said “Even when voicing an opinion, we can’t show opposition to any party”, I truly meant this at a personal level. Over the years of being called an odd ball, I have learned to keep my real viewpoint to myself to avoid conflicts.

This brings me to my next point.  I reach so far out of the way to make a connection between my controversial point of view and the social norm that my writing had become extremely diluted and confusing for others to follow. I need to stop self-editing and learn to be more steadfast with what I am trying to say and worry less about being politically correct.


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