Living Words

Based on the assignment “Living Newspaper”

Not only did I get to enjoy a beautiful sunny day outside, I was also very glad that I got to work with my classmates and discover new perspectives from all of them. I also learned to see all sides of a problem that’s currently very controversial. We wrote our script about an article called “Fat Talk”  to acknowledge how damaging it is to the receiver. Our goal was to stop this “Phat Talk” from the source.

I had my own idea in the matter. To me, “Phat Talk” is just words, and we can take it how we want. If we decide to let it hurt us, then it’s the end for us. We are human, and we get to decide what’s important to us. Everywhere you go, you will see people who say things that you disagree with about every single problem. You can’t just tell them to stop saying these things, but you can choose to not let it bother you. After all, everyone has different perspectives, ideas, and beliefs. They have the right to speak their mind, and so do you. As long as their words doesn’t stop you from doing what you love or hurt you physically in any way, I don’t see a problem with it.

I know this feeling because I was bullied when I first stepped foot in America for not knowing how to properly speak English. I went through 4 years of being constantly teased about how dumb I was. My stuff was hidden, and my cup was spat in. My clothes were torn and cut out of spite. I was constantly getting blamed for the things I didn’t do. I was excluded, and my email account was hacked by one of the bullies. My parents fully knew about the problem, however, they couldn’t do or try to do anything because they were the new kid themselves. I went through this with no help and no one to tell these bullies to stop. Through this, I learned how to speak out, how to stand up for myself, and how to ignore the white noises. In a way, it made me stronger. I stood up for myself and decided that it’s fine to have them talk about me. As long as I don’t let it bother me, I was happy. If they hated me, that was their problem. However, I made sure that they never touched my me or my stuff again. I also made sure that I spoke out and made myself clear on things that I didn’t do. In my opinion, it’s better to teach a person to stand up for themselves than to tell the world to stop bullying them. Then they can really grow as a person.

However, through this activity, I have learned that to some, it’s not as easy to ignore the power of the media. Thus, I can see from both sides of the story.


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